Born on the 24th in November in 1982. in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina She began to exhibit very young in her hometown in the school community. Her education includes teaching painting at a prestigious school in Serbia, art school, “Bogdan Šuput.” When she turned 19 years she left the country where she was born and went to Italy to Venice, where she earned a degree in art and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. After a period of study in Venice, she moved to Milan, where he graduated in the restoration of contemporary art at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.(master degree) During the thesis in the process of being renovated, where she could experiment on different materials and artistic techniques to get closer to the original work and solve all problems, be a passion for painting, and re-start the creation and drawing and more and more. She currently lives and works in Milan. She participated in the reconstruction of the shipyard Auswitsc Block 21, where performed laboratory documentation and preservation. Italian monument at Auschwitz raised Aned, designed and made ​​by Ludovico Belgaum, Primo Levi, Mario Samon, Nelo Risi, Luigi Nono and Faces Steiner, in honor of the fallen Italians who died in the camps. ” She has a first degree qualification (three-year) in Restoration Pictorial shows dedication and sensitivity, and technical Artistic particular note is their participation in recovery painting “lines of force Thunder” Luigi Russolo city Portogruaro (VE), and then exposed to Rovereto and London. The teacher of the course (prof.Vanni Tiozzo)